SuMmerTime HoliDaZe…..

Summer… FAVORITE time of the year!! I love the sun, the flowers, the relaxation time, and the holidays! My best memories all seem to be during summer. Festivities including, the Wayne County Fair, the Ute Stampede, Torrey Apple Days, the 4th of July, and family reunions are very near the top of my most memorable and cherished times.  I love the atmosphere, the people, the food, and how everyone comes together.

Having lived in Ohio for 4 years now, we are still trying to figure out what our new traditions are exactly.  Nephi’s 4th of July celebration was a blast, and always included getting together with family and fireworks that evening.  Growing up, I loved the parades, my Dad’s dutch oven cooking, and getting to see the people I went to school with during the break. No matter what time of year, or what traditions we’re trying to develop here in Ohio, one thing is the same. Our family is not here.

Even so, I hope our efforts to celebrate will create memories for my children that they too will cherish someday.

Right off the bat this summer, we got to get out and enjoy the sunshine for the memorial day parades here in the area. Haylee plays the clarinet in the marching band, so she marched in three parades that day!


They played the National Anthem as they raised the flag here in town. It’s refreshing knowing that no matter what state we’re in, we can still feel love for our country.


Yesterday, we had a great day celebrating the Fourth of July! I think we’ve pretty much decided Aurora is the place to be! They have a fantastic parade and fantastic fireworks! We also have friends from church who live there so it’s always fun to run into the people you know! Ryan ALWAYS works on the 4th of July, and Haylee was with a friend all day so our little family pic is only a “partial family” pic. 🙂 It was nice and hot, the parade was fun, and the kids caught lots of candy, so I’d say parade success!!


Maybe I’ve always lived in super small towns, but it’s true when I say Aurora puts on the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen! (Besides Disney Land and Stadium of Fire, of course.) But for city fireworks, they are AMAZING!


I’d say 75% of the enjoyment of the going to the fireworks is seeing the awe in my little people’s eyes as they watch.

Regardless where life takes us, we can celebrate wherever we are!